Netedge Computing ( Wrost Company Fraud & Scam in Noida, India

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The company, Netedge Computing (, A-14, Sector-7, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India is the worst Company & worst Employer.

There are many Complain & Issue about Netedge Computing, some of them are as followed:

1. No working environment: This Company does not allow or believe in helping grow their employees. Salary not transfer in time, no payment procedure. Salaries are deducted as company wish.

The company Owner Manoj Saxena are mad and they don't know who to run a business. They hire employees on the basis of employment bond for 1 Year. And one anyone start to work with them, they always abuse the employees and took a lot of unnecessary work pressure. There is no privacy and there is no right to ask about any good for the employees.

They are into business from last 10 years (They Said) but still they just have 30 to 35 employees because no one stay with them for long. So, when you will join this company.

2. Pirated Software: Pirated Software being used in the company, almost each and every system is full of pirated software example: - Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver and many more.

3. Hitler Ship: If you have any problems, I mean any and you complain or discuss with the management then you are fired from the company. They will not pay your balance, they will not provide your papers noting.

4. Being Abused: Mukesh and Vijay (Company Owners) always talk with you in abusing language like "Tere 6 year or 8 years experience ki esi ki tesi", "Bhenchod", "Bull Sit" etc. Most of the time they try to threaten the employees. Vijay always said to employees that he will spoil the career even if you haven't done any mistake. But he can't do anything. He can only bark like a dog.

5. Work Ethics: The company employer is very straight forward in this matter, if the client has paid for any project and the hours end at some level where the work cannot be afforded to be left at that end, guess what you have been ordered by the employer to stop the work at the same time no matter what. And guess what the clients never comes back once gone or once availed the services. So you can decide if they have such ethics and attitude towards client then what will happen with any employee?

6. False commitments: All you get on the appointment letters are never meant to be followed by the managements or the company. It's always the employee who suffers here. We all know why the companies have HR? (to be a bridge between the employee and employers) but here, it's different scenario, anyone will come to know when one will face one. At the time of joining they ask you to sign the employment bond and submit the cheque of 1 month salary. And when you will leave the company they will submit your cheque and you will loss 1 month of salary or they will file a case against you when the cheque would be bounce. Lol

7. Getting Aboard?: You will be flattered by the look of the building, because it gives feels like it's a big company having Oracal Company Office in the same building in Gurgoan. But the fact is that they have only single room just for the interviews. And they make employees fool from the begging. They have working office at residential place (37/17, 3rd Floor, East Patel Nagar, New Delhi) and it's a two room office.. So, think twice before joining this company?.

I've lot more to reveal about this company and protect one carrier being spoiled but it's the face that no one will believe me until unless they are The VICTIM,. So, why not try and give a shot to believe it?.

This is one of the worst companies to work for/. If you are a professional looking for a good work environment, good projects, good management, good HR policies etc/., then this is not the place for you,. Please save yourself from committing the biggest mistake of your life by staying away from this company|.

Review about: Working Environment.


Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India #711965

Yes, I agree with Amit Singh. Now, Netedge computing solution is growing company with best employees.

Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India #710374

It's a very good organisation for development. This organisation helps to develop your base from beginning.

Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India #710308

These are old things, Now Netedge is focusing on employees development policies and problems.


thnks guyz for supporting me.. I need lots of comments on this post...


Great work, this is fraud company.


Santosh on July 30, 2012 From Delhi, Delhi, IN

I am also agree with you this is totally fake company, fraud company.Netedge is not paid salary from five i request to all of you plese dont chited from them.


NETEDGE sucks ...its horrible to work there.

They don't transfer my Last Month Salary, They are cheaters.Mukesh and Vijay have no sense of how to talk, they always abuse in front of all.


Yes brother, i am also the victim of NETEDGE Fraud and Scam policies

It's a Fraud company with no policies for employee. They don't transfer my Last Month Salary, They are cheaters. Mukesh and Vijay have no sense of how to talk, they always abuse in front of all

NETEDGE sucks ... its horrible to work there. Please dnt ruin your career and dnt join NETEDGE .

I ve been with NETEDGE for last1 yrs..let me tell u guys..its a worst IT company i ve ever seen in my career and exps with 29 employers... enefficient and abusive manager....HR is useless..


I am also agree with you this is totally fake company, fraud company.Netedge is not paid salary from there i request to all of you plese dont chited from them.


i know brother, i was also faced this problem in netedge computing solution... netedge is very cheap company. Manoj saxena is not give salary on time


well job rohit. i m satisfied with your problem. netedge is very cheap and fraud organisation.


thnks wellfisher for supporting me


Yes, I know brother this company is wrost and fraud. This company is not gived my 2 months salary..

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